New Zealand 40-foot one-bedroom apartment box
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New Zealand 40-foot one-bedroom apartment box

  Project Name: New Zealand 40-foot one-bedroom apartment box
  Location: New Zealand
  Project Duration: September 2012 - October 2012
  Product manual:
  1.The module unit dimensions: length 12192mm * 2438mm * width height 2896mm, part of the standard container size, to meet the land, rail, sea requirements.
  2.Box residential areas to take heat, fire, moisture, sound insulation design, durable, safe, comfortable living.
  3.Room layout: two bedrooms, dining room and living room are connected, open kitchen, private balcony, plenty of space.
  4.Interior design separate toilet and kitchen, equipped with folding patio, to meet the daily life and holiday travel and other basic life functions required.
  5.Mobile convenience products, can be reused many times, is conducive to maintaining the original land.
  6.The product completed in the factory, on-site installation simple and less construction waste.
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