Modular houses four boxes combination model
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Modular houses four boxes combination model


  Application: Villa, emergency housing, tourism
  1.May apply for a temporary building, permanent building two modes.
  2.Modular unit dimensions: length 12192mm * 2438mm * width height 2896mm, part of the standard container size, to meet the land, rail, sea requirements.
  3.Box residential areas to take heat, fire, moisture, sound insulation design, durable, safe, comfortable living.
  4.Interior design separate toilet and kitchen, to meet the daily life functions, to achieve integrated water pipeline design, construction, site plug that is used to reduce the amount of on-site construction.
  5.The construction period significantly accelerate construction, factory production and field ground can be performed simultaneously.
  1.Seismic rating of 8;
  2.The thermal conductivity of the box up to 0.017-0.024 (Unit: w / m · k);
  3.Fire resistance rating: 1;
  4.Box load 1.7 t / m;
  5.According to the actual needs of the design can be achieved by bullet-proof, explosion-proof, typhoons and other requirements.
  Product Configuration:
  1.the interior wall of white latex paint decorative surface, the ground is carpeted, PVC floor, using energy-saving aluminum doors and windows.
  2.Kitchen: Open kitchen, equipped with a quartz stone stove, cabinets, stainless steel sink, faucet, oven.
  3.Bathroom: The whole bathroom, equipped with wash basin, toilet, and shower.
  4.interior items included bed, tables, chairs, cabinets, refrigerator, television.价格区间:3500-9000(元/m2)
  1. This offer is product prices.
  The design requirements are different, different decor, different material requirements, the price can be high or low, in order to confirm the final owner of the design and decor prevail.
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