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Ticket office, guard



1.The product is used as a temporary building resorts.
2.Modular unit dimensions: length 2991mm * width 2438mm * height 2591mm, part of the standard container size, to meet the land, rail, sea requirements.
3.Box residential areas to take heat, fire, moisture, sound insulation design, durable, safe.
4.Interior electronics, network-equipped to meet the scenic ticketing, communications, work and other basic functions needed.
5.Mobile convenience products, can be reused many times, is conducive to maintaining the original land.



1.Seismic rating of 8;
2.The thermal conductivity of the box up to 0.017-0.024 (Unit: w / m · k);
3.Fire resistance rating: 1;
4.Box load 1.7 t / m;
5.According to the actual needs of the design can be achieved by theft, anti-typhoon and other requirements.


Product Configuration:

1.The interior wall of white rock wool color steel decorative surface, the ground for flooring, energy-saving and environmental protection aluminum doors and windows.
2.Indoor appliances: Ceiling, switches, sockets, communication interface.
Note: no indoor furniture.

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