Australia's 40-foot one-bedroom apartment box
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Australia's 40-foot one-bedroom apartment box


Student 40-feet One-room Apartment in Canberra National University in Australia (Plan View)tenglong

Student Apartments and Hotels

1. It is applicable for temporary buildings and permanent buildings.
2. Dimensions of Modular Unit: length 12192mm*width 2438mm*height 2896mm, which is standard container dimensions to meet the land, rail, sea transportation requirements.
3. The container residential areas are designed with thermal insulation, fire protection, moisture resistance and sound insulation, firm, durable, safe and comfortable.
4. The interior is designed with separate toilet and kitchen to meet the daily life requirements, and there is also integrated water pipeline and power line design for immediate use just by plugging in construction site, to reduce the amount of on-site construction.
5. The construction period of buildings is significantly shortened, and the plant production and the site foundation can be performed simultaneously.

1. The seismic rating is up to Grade 8;
2. The thermal conductivity of container is up to 0.017-0.024 (Unit: w/m•k);
3. The fire resistance rating is Grade 1;
4. The load bearing of container is 1.7t/m2;
5. The design is made according to the actual needs, to achieve bullet-proof, explosion-proof, typhoon-resistant and other requirements.

Product Configuration:
1. The interior wall is of white latex paint decorative surface, the ground is carpeted or paved with PVC floors, and the doors and windows are energy-saving aluminum.
2. Kitchen: open kitchen, equipped with a quartz stone stove, a cabinet, a stainless steel sink, a faucet and an oven.
3. Bathroom: whole-type bathroom, equipped with a wash basin, a sitting WC pan, a shower and so on.
4. Interior Items: beds, tables, chairs, cupboards, refrigerators, TV, etc.

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