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Eco 50/60 Classic Fire Door and Partition System

  Eco 50 fire doors and partitions can effectively organize the spread of fire and smoke. Eco 50 fire glass doors and partition systems are affordable, transparent and pleasant and can be made into single-leaf doors, double-leaf doors (with side lighting or top lighting available) and partitions. The depth of door frames and door leafs is only 50mm.
  The system is sealed with internal and external double-layer retardant rubber strips, and is of excellent fire and smoke protection, and meets the fire integrity requirements. The system has passed the corresponding China fire retardancy test and has been successfully used in engineering, and the classic fire doors have also passed million times opening tests by the German MPA testing agency just as Eco and Janisol series.
  The profiles of Eco 60 fire doors and partitions are thin and firm, and the depth is only 60mm. The profiles can be made into single-leaf doors and double-leaf doors, and are equipped with fire safety locks, handles, three-dimensional adjustable welded hinges and other dedicated hardware accessories, to meet the needs of different functions.
  The appearance of the system is the same as that of other Switzerland Jansen fire and non-fire glass fire doors. Therefore, the doors of the same appearance can be provided with different functional requirements of buildings.
  Fire integrity E: China GB test, steel fire glass door E120
  Fire integrity E: China GB test, steel glass partition E120
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