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Eco 50/60 Classic Stainless Steel Door System

  Eco 50 is made of 304 or 316 stainless steel profiles, beautiful and economic, applicable for indoor and general corrosion-resistant places; and Eco 60 is made of 316 materials and is especially applicable for super-transparency and high-corrosion-resistant buildings in coastal areas and near to highways. Drawing and polishing can be carried out for the surfaces of profiles as needed, to meet customers’ high pursuit of function and appearance.
  The profiles are thin and firm, and the system is equipped with a full range of hardware accessories and is applicable for single-leaf doors, double-leaf doors and glass partitions, the appearance is the same as that of Eco and Janisol series of profiles. For the classic stainless steel door, 1 million times opening tests have been carried out by the MPA testing agency, and all the accessories and metal hinges have passed the test.
  Eco 50 Window Sash: width: 1400mm, height: 2300mm, load bearing: 130Kg.
  The Eco 50 window can also be made into a stainless steel system.
  The product is applicable for industrial zones, coastal areas (with salty air), clean areas and areas near to highways (salt and wear resistance).
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