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Tianjin Carmel


 Carmel is Tianjin's first pure Southern California-style high-quality ecological residential community, located in the southern city of Tianjin, south of South Meijiang Ecological Residential Area. East Island Road, west of South Meijiang center of the lake, to the north through Island Road, south of South Meijiang lake, the overall area of 11.82 hectares, the construction area of about 150,000 square meters. Project introduces Southern California Spanish style residential building, the overall planning of the "harbor" type concept. It all harbor, shore, island, water, the river is a major planning features of Carmel.

Carmel doors by the company responsible for the design, production, installation, post-maintenance, Luo Kedi system using windows 56 series, an area 8442 square meters, doors and windows project began in June 2005, completed in October 2007.

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