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Eco-50 Classic Stainless Steel Window System

  The profile depth is only 50mm (that in the window sash part is 58.5mm). By using various types of supporting hardware accessories, the side hung, inward opening, within the inverted, inward tilt and turn, bottom hung and various other opening ways are available. The system is also provided with aluminum-alloy and stainless steel handles for selection. The inside and the indoor sections of the system adopt double sealing strips, to achieve good noise-insulation and dust-proof functions. The specially-designed drainage strips and drain holes can provide a dual waterproof function and bring better comfort.
  Eco 50 Window Sash: width: 1400mm, height: 2300mm, load bearing: 130Kg.
  The Eco 50 window can also be made into a stainless steel system.
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